Step by Step Guide to Find a U.S. Based Clinical Experience

U.S. Based Clinical Experience

Having clinical experience before you start off your career as a medical doctor is essential. It is important for medical students to decide which specialization they might be opting for after completing their electives in the United States. A U.S. Based clinical experience works on improving the general skills of medical students and graduates and … Read more

Understanding LORs – A USDoctors Guide


When pursuing a career in medicine, whether you’re planning to practice in your hometown or as an international medical graduate or IMG, clinical experience and letters of recommendation go hand in hand. One can say that for future doctors, the quality of LORs obtained in the third and fourth year of medical school are undeniably … Read more

How To Get Your Resume Noticed

How to get your resume noticed

Now that you’re almost done with medical school, you can take a sigh of relief. You made it! You survived med school and now it’s time to enter the real world. Med students face such a challenging environment that it can be easy to lose sight of their future goals, it’s enough just to make … Read more

Virtual Interviews and How To Ace Them!

Nail Virtual Interviews

As if the process of going through interviews wasn’t daunting enough, throwing in the term virtual just makes it all the worse. It’s no surprise that virtual interviews are universally hated.  Combined with technical problems, like forgetting you are unmuted or consistent lags, virtual interviews can go horribly wrong. You’re unable to visit physical offices, … Read more