Step by Step Guide to Find a U.S. Based Clinical Experience

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Having clinical experience before you start off your career as a medical doctor is essential. It is important for medical students to decide which specialization they might be opting for after completing their electives in the United States.

A U.S. Based clinical experience works on improving the general skills of medical students and graduates and having the US Clinical Experience added to your resume can open doors of opportunities for your medical career. It provides the flexibility to work internationally in the future as the U.S clinical frameworks are built to fit the highest standards in the field. Acclimatizing oneself to the clinical and hospital environment is the first step towards it. Moreover, it involves interacting with hospital staff and patients and having hands-on experience with high-end medical equipment.

U.S. Based Clinical Experience

There are two primary pathways in which you can land an optimal U.S. Clinical Experience:

  1. Personal Initiative
    1. Clinical Rotation Platforms

The most convenient way is to apply through a clinical rotation platform such as USDoctors platform has made it easier for international medical students and graduates to choose from a range of programs at a location of their choice. 

How to Sign-Up for rotations?

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-up with 5 easy online application steps that will take less than 5 minutes of your precious time. 
  3. Complete your profile by adding general details, educational background, and past clinical experiences. Finally, you will be asked to upload your documents and add your travel history. You can further customize your dashboard by adding your profile picture and a cover photo to it.
  4. Search from a wide range of clerkships, externships, observerships, and tele-rotations and get started from anywhere around the world using the Search Internships tool. 
  5. Choose a program of your choice, select the dates and hit Apply!
  6. Your application will be reviewed by our panel and a representative will guide you with the next steps along the way.
  7. Upon approval, you’ll have to lock in your spot by securing it with payment before gaining access to the Mentor’s details. 
  8. For IMGs, additional support may be given in the form of a visa letter, accommodation via our housing partners, malpractice insurance, background checks, HIPAA Certification, and much more. Sign up with us to get instant access to our Student Resource page.
  9. Complete your selected rotations which will equip you with the right set of skills needed to continue your medical journey.
  10. Last but not least, IMGs who choose to sign up with us are given feedback from medical professionals to add up to their experience. Merit-based LORs may be provided that will assist you through your journey towards the U.S. residency thus ensuring a career boost!

Client satisfaction has always been our priority and we ensure that our support staff is always there to assist you from the beginning till the completion of your journey with us.

b.    Contact individual clinics/hospitals

Some IMGs take this responsibility upon themselves and contact individual clinics/hospitals. This involves doing extensive research, making a lot of calls, and sending out a plethora of emails. Especially in times of global pandemic, it gets even more nerve-wracking, as many institutes limit their quota of accepting IMGs. This is where your connections to the community will come in handy and can make the process a bit convenient for you.

2.   Institution partnerships

This pathway is definitely more convenient than applying for electives yourself but it has certain restrictions when it comes to choosing a medical institute. Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) is a platform created by medical institutes that allow students/graduates who gain access to obtain U.S. electives at privatized institutes. . A number of renowned medical institutes only accept electives through VSLO and that limits the options for an IMG.

Upgrade your Clinical Experience with USDoctors!

From among a huge collection of student resources to discussion forums, is an all-in-one digital platform for medical students and graduates who wish to pursue their medical journey and land a residency in the U.S. Moreover, if you wish to join us virtually, within the convenience and comfort of your home, simply choose a tele-rotation with us that will allow you to have an in-depth analysis of the clinical cases and can secure additional LORs for you. Our team is here to support you through your journey. So, let’s get going and happy rotating with USDoctors!

Yes, Sign me up!

Have more questions? Our team is here to guide you further through your journey! Reach out to us at or visit us at

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