Clinical Rotations: 10 Expectations VS. Reality

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Clinical rotations play a vital role in shaping your medical career. They are essential steps to make a smooth transition from the classroom routine to the practical application of the knowledge gained over the years of study. Their primary goal is to enable medical graduates to make informed decisions regarding patient care practices. These practices … Read more

Road to the U.S. Residency

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As most experts say that gaining practical experience is the most crucial step on one’s way to become a competent doctor. In this blog, we will learn about the medical residency and the perks and quirks of choosing to do a residency in the United States along with the step-by-step process to apply for it. … Read more

Understanding LORs – A USDoctors Guide


When pursuing a career in medicine, whether you’re planning to practice in your hometown or as an international medical graduate or IMG, clinical experience and letters of recommendation go hand in hand. One can say that for future doctors, the quality of LORs obtained in the third and fourth year of medical school are undeniably … Read more

The USDoctors Difference

The Usdoctors Difference

Choosing a field like medicine comes with its challenges. Whether it’s functioning on little to no sleep in med school, dedicating all your time and energy to learning, countless hours of studying only to be followed by more never-ending shifts or facing the unmatched terror of being responsible for another human life. But no pressure!  … Read more

Virtual vs In-Person Rotation. What’s The Difference?

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Working as a medical student or an IMG, you must be all too familiar with the importance of gaining clinical experience to strengthen your resume, cultivate your skills and knowledge as well as expand your expertise. When it comes to clinical rotations in the US, your options vary from observerships, clerkships, electives, and externships.  Understanding … Read more

The Impact of Omicron on the US Healthcare System

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As the Covid-19 variation known as Omicron spreads over the world, a new level of uncertainty emerges. On December 1, the first instance of Omicron was discovered in California, and the variant has already spread to 20 states (as of December 8, 2021). As word of Omicron’s spread spreads, you may be afraid to travel … Read more

Helpful Habits That Make A Great Doctor!


Being a medical student is undoubtedly difficult on a daily basis. Student life, regardless of your passion for medicine, may be stressful and overwhelming at times due to the hard work and long hours split between studying and hospital training rounds. Regardless of the numerous benefits that come with being a doctor, you must recognise … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Rotations

Virtual Rotations

Now that we’re living in the age of COVID, you’re sure to have noticed some pretty big changes to life as we know it. There’s an uneasiness in agreeing to attend larger gatherings, social distancing is now a norm, and work is no different. Especially in the field of Medicine, where medical professionals are on … Read more

5 Things to Expect if You’re Pursuing A Career in Medicine

5 Things to Expect if You’re Pursuing A Career in Medicine

If ever there was a profession that called for unbridled passion and a lifetime commitment, it’s medicine. Future doctors might feel a personal calling towards understanding and battling medical mysteries, or end up following in the footsteps of a long line of family doctors. Either way, no matter how much you think you know, the … Read more

All You Need to Know About Internal Medicine

All You Need to Know About Internal Medicine

When you decide to pursue a career in medicine, it’s usually met with one of two responses; what a wonderful way to make a difference, and how challenging it’s going to be. More often than not, both reactions come simultaneously. Well, we can’t say they didn’t warn us. Being a med student comes with an … Read more