We assist with applications for a B1/B2 visa.
In common use there is a little flexibility for some of these terms — “clerkships” and “electives” can both refer to medical student rotations that are part of the school curriculum. The most important difference depends on whether you are an international medical graduate (IMG) or an international medical student (IMS), and whether you are receiving hands-on training or not. A clinical “elective” is something for an IMS training away from their medical school, typically in their final year. A “clerkship” is a similar experience for an IMS but technically refers to training done with a hospital affiliated with the student’s medical school. (However, the terms are commonly used interchangeably). For these rotations, the attending physician completes an evaluation that is often used for school credit. “Externships” are for an IMG receiving hands-on clinical training. “Observerships” are for an IMG receiving clinical training that is not hands-on.

Different attending doctors and hospitals require different records in advance of the rotation. The following is a list of documents typically requested.
We will notify you concerning which documents you will need to have before beginning the rotation such as:
Letter of Good Standing (letter from medical school you are attending (or graduated from) verifying your student or graduate status);
USMLE Scores (if applicable);
Health Records (within 1 year) such as Tuberculin Skin Test, and Immunization Report;
Proof of Medical Liability Insurance;
Criminal Background Check;
9 Panel Drug Test;
Copy of Passport and proof of Visa/Immigration Status;
Copy of State/Provincial ID.
You should also have a CV/resume prepared, which we can help you with.

No, but we put you in the best possible position to obtain one from your doctor. These letters are based on your actual performance during your rotation or observership. There are no fees for LOR unless specified by the Physician. Immgiration letter: We charge $150 for a standard letter to inform the Immigration department of your visit for Clinical Rotation duration and time. Minimum 4 weeks rotation required for a letter. Housing Assistance: We aligned multiple options for students to select companies they can find housing through. Hidden Fees: If payment is made with a credit card there is a 2.99% credit card fee to the total amount due. If payments are made through Zelle or direct bank wire there is no processing fee. LOR Hands-on experience: What do we offer: In-person and tele-clerk clinical rotations Average rates: Currently, our average rate is $300
Simply sign up with your desired email address and then proceed to input all your information into your profile. Please allow a 24 hour process time before the account is approved. If more information is required you will receive an email requesting you to finish your profile.
Depends on the Attendings availability. We like to give our Attendings a week to respond to requests.
Once your rotation request has been approved by the Attending physician, you will be able to direct message them with questions regarding rotation
Only our account administrators and the attending you are currently rotating under will have access to your profile information.
Changing your date will be at the decision and availability of the Attending. If your new request date is not available, then the amount paid will go towards your next rotation selection.
In the event you need to change your email address, simply submit a ticket through your profile requesting email to be changed and include the new email address.
Request a LOR by selecting the past Attending of your choice, then simply click “Request LOR”. If accepted, you will receive a message with the Attending’s email address for you to put into MyERAS for application.

Send an email to Schools@USDoctors.co with your school contact email address attached.

Was your profile verified after you created it? If not, then you will be unable to request a rotation. Please allow up to 24 hours for your profile to be verified to then proceed with the rotation request.
When you create your profile, we require your school contact’s email address. An email then is sent, once you request a rotation, to collect your required documents to start the rotation.


As a rotating student, if you are on-site, you receive a mask to wear during your rotation. For other students, we have launched teleclerkships to allow a virtual learning experience.
Not to worry, we will work with you to postpone your rotation till you self-quarantine for 14 days and then are without symptoms. We will work with each student individually.


Upon your rotation request being approved, you will receive an email via PayPal for a secure payment system.

Yes, we do! We offer:

  • Weekly payment plan: minimum of 3 weeks of advanced scheduling with final payment needing to be made Friday before the start date.
  • 2 payment plan: half up front with the other half needing to make the Friday before the start date.

If your school is paying for rotation, you will need to put a credit card on file with us. If the school doesn’t pay, your card on file will be charged in full.

Before starting your rotation, we will need email confirmation from your school that they will be paying for your selected rotation.