Our Story

We, at USDoctors.co, work relentlessly to bridge the gap between medical students and professionals by bringing them a unified, state-of-the-art platform. We aim to do this by facilitating collaboration and bringing them into direct communication on a cloud-based, secure platform that leverages data-driven technology. At USDoctors.co, we specialize in growth and branding to help providers make meaningful connections with consumers and other healthcare professionals.

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Identifying the Gap

Globally, M3/M4 students and graduates are at the mercy of their university, personal network, or an agency to find and source quality rotations. On the flip side, medical professionals have difficulty finding adequate amounts of quality graduates to fill their clinical rotations. This makes it a major challenge faced by medical professionals today.

Streamlining the Process

USDoctors.co brings all the needs of healthcare professionals on a cloud based platform and brings them in sync with one another through a streamlined process from start to finish. Through free access to a digital dashboard, browsing, planning, applying, tracking, and evaluating, the clerkship journey is now easier than ever.

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