Partnership with brings the next wave of technology to medical institutions. Our technology puts precious time back into your clinician’s life so they can enjoy the more valued things in life. We take the work of finding student clinicians out of your hands allowing you to focus on providing an excelled environment for them to learn in.


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With, clinical institutes are matched with exceptional medical students to fill positions for rotations. This allows reduction of time and stress associated with filling in. Our platform opens doors for institutions to directly connect with Pre-Med, Medical, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant students and graduates from around the world without the hassle of extensive paperwork. Hospitals gain accolades for training the next generation of talented professionals in the medical industry.

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With, you have the ability to test our newest Virtual Clinical Dashboard. This program assists in documentation, scheduling, reporting, support, and much more. Institutes gain secure 24/7 access to the cloud. Coming soon in 2021.

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Offer Superb Opportunities to Your Students Alongside giving your students a top-rated education, open doors of opportunity for them through partnering with Our rotation matching platform will be an added value to your educational program allowing your students to save time, resources, and most importantly, their money. Provide your students with access to the best clinical rotations allowing them to mentor with some of the top clinicians in the United States.

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Assisting you in the documentation process, scheduling, reporting, support, and much more, giving you 24/7 access with security to the cloud!

Coming soon in 2021 is our Virtual Clinical Dashboard!