Our Story

USDoctors.co has bridged the gap for medical professionals by bringing all their needs on one platform. We are bringing students, clinical training facilities, hospitals, and preceptors into direct communication on a cloud-based, secure platform. Also, as a data-driven technology company in healthcare, we specialize in growth and branding to help providers make meaningful connections with consumers and other healthcare professionals.

Our Founder

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Elahi studied in the West Indies as a foreign medical student. Through his time spent in medical school and post-graduate programs, he was able to identify key factors lacking in the clinical education industry. He provided a unique insight into the challenges faced by many of his peers and mentors which included students struggling to get placed into clinical rotations. He also noted that institutions/ clinics struggled to fill their clinical rotations leading to an inability to grow their business. There is no denying there is a lack of reach in healthcare.

Broken System

With so much to focus on for medical professionals, we first had to tackle the current model that exists for clinical rotations. Globally, M3 and M4 students and graduates are at the mercy of their university, personal network, or an agency to find and source rotations. This model limits students and graduates from having a wide variety of doctors and nurse practitioners to choose from for their clinical rotations. On the flip side, medical professionals have difficulty finding adequate amounts of quality students and graduates to fill their clinic rotation. These are just a few of the challenges faced by the medical education industry.

Flip the script

USDoctors.co has bridged the gap for all healthcare professionals. We bring all the needs of healthcare professionals on one platform. We bring together students, clinical training facilities, hospitals, doctors, and nurse practitioners into direct communication on a cloud-based platform. Healthcare professionals are no longer at the mercy of agencies and their ways of structure. Everything in healthcare has now become accessible. USDoctors.co is the latest medical technology platform that caters to all parties involved, and brings them in sync with one another through a streamlined process from start to finish.

We Nailed It!

USDoctors.co provides a unified platform for healthcare professionals, students, and institutions to directly connect and network with one another. This allows clinicians to save time, resources, and make life stress-free. Social networking profiles provided by USDoctors.co have allowed clinicians from around the globe to directly connect with students, graduates, and fellow professionals on an open network platform. We provide the support and resources needed for students and professionals to generate additional revenue or further their experience. We give specialized attention to each case by guiding each individual every step of the way. Whether the need is to find a rotation, or have rotations filled with student clinicians, we provide the resources needed to completion. Other services we provide include digital consultation, digital education, and job placement. We take pride in putting our best face forward to provide healthcare professionals with all that we have to offer.